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Handcrafted Leather Dog Collar
Leather dog collar padded with thick felt
Leather dog collar with id tag
Two ply leather agitation dog collar
Police / hunting' dog leash and collar (combo)
Tan Leather Dog Collar with Silver Plated Circles Blue Stones
Royal Nappa Padded Hand Made Leather Dog Collar - code: C443
Retro Rulz - Gorgeous Vintage Dog Leather Collar - C103
2 ply leather agitation dog collar with handle
Handcrafted Leather Dog Collar With Vintage Massive Plates
Silent leather training choke collar- German shepherd
Leather Dog Collar with silver conchos
Gorgeous Wide Leather Dog Collar With Brass Pyramids
Small pyramids/studs 3 rows leather dog collar - c37
Gorgeous Wide Nylon Dog Collar With Nickle Pyramids
Nylon Dog collar with silver conchos

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A collar is a necessary device for every dog owner. We are proud to offer high quality collars in our Training Equipment Online Store for German Shepherds. Special instructions and photos will help you to choose the needed model for your pet. If you make a right decision, your dog will feel comfortable on a walk.
In our store all the collars have a quality certificate, so they are safe for the health of your dog. We offer collars of various models and colors.
Every dog must have a collar, but itís not so easy to choose the right one. Special ammunition is produced not only according to the breed of the dog, but to different situations and types of training. To find out a needed tool among the variety represented in modern zoo industry is difficult enough. We will help you to make a right choice and to dress up your German-Shepherd dog in a suitable accessory.
Collars differ due to purpose of their usage:
Soft classic (for walking, with a handle for guarding service) collars are made of leather, or it may be a synthetic nylon collars or a combination of two materials. Usually these supplies have a soft padding (soft thick felt padded collars, fleece, or Nappa padded ones) to create a comfort for your dog.
Collars for walking are the most popular models. As a rule such collars have one D-ring for attaching a leash. It can be situated near a buckle that doesnít prevent your pet to move his head. Also this D-ring can be on the opposite side of the collar, in this case the dog owner doesnít have to look for this ring (a buckle, as the heaviest part, is hanging on the dogís neck).
Protection training collar is equipped with a convenient handle for holding a dog. A ring for a collar is on the handle or under it. Usually there is one more D-ring near the buckle, and during training work it is better to attach a leash to this buckle.
Guard collar is the most reliable and time-tested model. The purpose of its use is to keep a dog on a leash constantly, thatís why this tool must be of the best quality and durable. The main characteristic of guard collar is that the strap of the collar goes firstly through the D-ring and only than fastens to a buckle. In this case the impact force is directed not on the buckle and holes for fastening but on dense material passed through the ring. The buckle is situated on the top of the collar and it doesnít interfere with the dog.
Choke collar (metal chain, leather, synthetic) is usually used for trainings and dog shows. But a little weight makes them practical for everyday application. A dog perceives the choking effect of these collars as the closest to natural education in a pack: a dog-mother teaches her puppy by strangling his neck. However any effect like this, especially applied to a puppy, must be precise and short-term, otherwise an educational purpose can be lost. An experienced trainer before permiting a beginner to use this supply should give detailed instructions about its application to a dog.
Metal or choke chain collars must be made of durable alloy, all the links have to be sealed and welded, and the covering must not traumatize a dog. Nowadays many dogs suffer from allergy to nickel alloy, thatís why a special copper-based (curogan) collar was developed; it is slightly darker and redder in color than brass, but it doesnít cause allergies.
Itís necessary to remember that some low quality chain collars can paint light-haired dogs. So itís better to test such collars before using them for a dog show. One more remark: to show dogs with long fluffy hair or long-haired dogs use a thin, almost jewelry chain. The purpose of this chain is to prevent visual division of dogís neck and bruising of his hair. The bigger the link of the chain, the less the chain cuts dogís hair. Thatís why the owners of German-Shepherd dogs use chain collars with long (to 5 cm) links.
Pinch collar. This type of the collar must be considered as a special one and can be used only under the supervision of experienced instructors. The main characteristic of this device is spikes that cause a discomfort while pulling a leash. Such collar should be selected strictly according to the circumference of a dogís neck, has to lie immediately behind the ears without hanging out and falling. One of the most famous manufacturers of the high quality metal collars is a German Herm Sprenger Company. The range of their products includes several types of pinch collars: wire and plated, with long spikes for long-haired dogs and with short spikes for short-haired, made of different metals and with various coverings. The latest development of this company is the pinch collar with spikes that are set in two sides from the center plate near Adamís apple of a dog. Specialists consider that this location of the spikes creates more natural pressure on the dogís neck simulating dog-motherís bite.
A dog shouldnít be in a pinch collar constantly, it can be used for training or in the case when all other ways to make your dog obey are unsuccessful. The frequent usage of a pinch collar by inexperienced dog owners especially applied to 5-months old puppies has a detrimental effect on the whole obedience and on the capabilities of controlling an animal.
Show collar shouldnít distract an attention from a dog (as a rule, it is selected according to the color of dogís hair). It is important for a collar not to divide a dogís neck visually, but to be convenient, reliable and practical. In the most cases itís a synthetic show collar made of thin cord or choke chain. But the shows of several dog breeds (as German-Shepherd and Doberman) require a long running of dogs around the ring. In this case, the animal should run ahead of the handler with his head held high. For this purpose specialists use metal or leather show collars with a special part for Adamís apple. This part can be metal or leather, with spikes (if a dog pulls hard) or without them, and with special support shelf for raising a dogís head higher.
It is really possible to choose a collar for every dog breed. But one should take into consideration the features of the respiratory tract structure of some dogs. For example, Pugs and other breeds with short snout are sensitive to the preassure inflicted to their necks and can choke, thatís why itís recommended to use a harness. For graceful dogs (as Greyhounds) itís better to apply collars that are wide in the front part of the neck. But in any way the collar must be maximally reliable not to be broken while wearing.
What material is more durable?
The collars are made of resistant leather, synthetic sling or cord, metal, and their combinations. Leather is more pleasant material both for people and for animals. High quality dense leather will always be beautiful and trendy, besides it will serve for a long time. But as every leather product a collar requires careful attitude and special care. Synthetic materials are considered as the most durable ones for the production of soft collar. Resistance to the external influences and different weather conditions makes nylon collars indispensable in everyday life. Besides a dog owner can select a color, width and model of the collar according to his taste. The most durable and reliable collar is made of the combination of leather and synthetic strap. If the collar is properly produced and has reliable fittings, it will be the best variant for guard dogs and training of big dogs to protect. Itís clear that the high quality metal collars can serve for several dogsí generations. But this tool isnít appropriate for cold season, because it is possible a dog to get frostbite. You can make a collar for your pet by yourself. But note that safety of your dog and people around depends on its reliability. Thatís why take into consideration your German-Shepherd dogís size and force, choose materials and supplies in the way that their tensile strength will be at least 5 times higher than the weight of your pet.
The most important is that a collar should fit your dog. A soft collar should be chosen in such a way that it must be fastened to the middle hole (so there are two holes before and after it to be left) without hanging on the neck. Usually itís possible to put your thumb between a collar and a dogís neck: if this distance is smaller, it can cause a pressure on the neck of your pet; if it is bigger, the collar can fall or turn around the neck.
If you choose a collar for a puppy, remember that he will grow up. So first of all it should be possible to increase the collar in size, secondly Ė a free part of the strap has to be not very long and shouldnít interfere with convenience of the collar. So for a puppy fasten a collar on the last inner hole, than due to the growth of your dog you can regulate it according to the size of his neck.
In any way your pet should not wear collars constantly, they can rub the hair of your dog and cause him a discomfort. If you need to keep your German-Shepherd with collar on at home, use a choke collar.
Remember, a collar for a dog is not an accessory; itís his modest ďclothesĒ. A dog wears it almost 24 hours a day. Thatís why it is important for a collar to be qualitative, convenient and safe.
We also offer great variaty of different leather and metal muzzles which can be used both for everyday walking, dog training and socializing. Leads, made of different materials can be also chosen in our web store and match the collars or harness you have bought.

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