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German Shepherd Harness

Our German Shepherd Store offers harnesses for adult dogs and puppies. Harnesses of various models and designs are available in leather or nylon material.

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Choose that suits your requirements and be sure you will get the gear of the best quality. If you want something that will stand your dog out of the crowd pay attention to the luxury decorated harnesses. Need a budget variant? Choose water and tear proof nylon one at a low cost. Genuine leather is for those who are searching for quality combined with a costly look. Experienced designers and craftsmen following the latest innovations in dog stuff manufacturing, work hard at producing the lifetime supplies that will be as comfortable for the canine and his handler as possible. We are sure you will certainly find the best harness for your precious doggie out of a great variety presented in our store.
In our German Shepherd Online Shop you can become acquainted with a broad range of harnesses for German Shepherds. We offer harnesses for dogs of different models, colors and sizes. If you need a harness for your dog with guarantee of quality, then pay attention to a leather model. Genuine leather gives an assurance that it will hold up against your dog’s strength and will permit him to develop his natural abilities. Also we recommend nylon harnesses that are as qualitative as leather, but lighter and more compact.
All harnesses offered in our store are made of high quality materials that can easily resist water and dirt. There is a soft lining inside that guarantees convenience for your GSD. A comfortable design allows to put on/off a harness quickly. And the reflectors sewn on our harnesses serve as a palladium of your pet in urban areas.
Leather harnesses are produced of the best types of leather; it ensures a long service life. All metal details of harnesses are made of reliable quality alloys. There are special harnesses for rescue and veterinary purposes in our products line. Also patent models of harnesses are available, they are intended for professional dog owners. The use of these harnesses can underline your professionalism, help in your training work and prove your love to your faithful friend.

Harnesses are a type of the dog’s ammunition that gives an opportunity to control your pet more precisely, to use him like a sled dog, to develop his strength and endurance. Nowadays it is quite possible to find harnesses for different breeds: from Chihuahua to German Shepherd.
Harnesses can be made of various materials: ordinary textile, braid, nylon, tarpaulin (canvas cloth), velour, leather and leatherette. When your dog doesn’t behave himself calm while going for a walk, it is comfortable to use harnesses that allow holding your pet without pulling him on the leash. Such harnesses help to hold a big dog even by a child, but only if it fits your pet in the best way. At the same time an ordinary walking harness can’t be used to go outside with restless aggressive dogs.

It is hard enough to choose the right harness for a dog, because a harness must fit tightly to the dog’s body without sagging. Otherwise the harness can be ineffective and your pet can feel discomfort. Also pay your attention to the weight of the harness and the strength of your German Shepherd dog, they must conform one to another.

Don’t economize buying cheap models. Such harnesses are made of low quality materials, have short service life, and in the case of wear out it can even make harm to your pet. That’s why take into account size and strength of your dog with durability of harness before buying it.
Recently most harnesses have special stripes-reflectors that make your dog more noticeable for you, drivers and other people at night-time. Remember, it is not recommended to keep a dog wearing a harness constantly, because after such supply a dog can feel uncomfortably in a collar and leash (it’s connected with a shift of gravity center).
To choose right material and shape of a harness, first of all decide what purpose you will use it for. For service dogs take a leather harness with wide straps. It’s very necessary to check all the metal elements of this tool and stitching of straps.
If you need a sport harness that can be used for harnessing a dog and towing a skier, take a nylon model. They have no metal parts, are firmly sewn and have low weight. The main characteristic such harnesses is a presence a rope for attachment. Some of these models are equipped by additional fasteners (for example, when working in a team).
Also there are dog harnesses for power-building exercises and sport competitions. They can be in use often enough but not for a long period of time. It’s very important to pay attention to the durability of such products. You can find harnesses with additional load attachment. These harnesses give an opportunity to develop the dog’s endurance gradually, help in rehabilitation after fractures. The additional load is detachable, so you can choose a needed weight.

The harnesses are required for dogs with quite thick neck. For German Shepherd breed a harness is more preferable then a collar. Wearing a hearness dogs breath easily, it doesn’t harm neck and throat. Such tools are usually made of rather light materials. It can be nylon or expensive full-grain studded and spiked genuine leather. Moreover these harnesses are often sold with a leash of the same color.
The separate product line of harnesses has special construction that allows raising a dog from the ground. These harnesses are designed for dogs that due to some circumstances (trauma, age, and medical procedures) move with difficulties or don’t move at all.

So the main rules in choosing a harness are the following: purpose of using, size of a dog, his body shape, practicality.
The price of supply must be in the last place, because cheap supplies can make big or little harm to your lovely pet.

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