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German Shepherd Muzzle

In our online German Shepherd store you can easily find a great variety of the muzzles for every breed. Nowadays a muzzle is a necessary accessory for your pet according to the law regulations of most countries in the world.

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We offer different models of muzzles, among them you will certainly find the one you need. Leather or metal, it's your own choice for your German Shepherd breed. You have to be sure that your pet and people around are in safe. Because, first of all, a dog - is an animal. And as any animal it has instincts that he/she can't overcome.
We guarantee that our muzzles will do no harm for your pet. Leather muzzles will let your dog feel free enough. Besides high quality leather straps will protect people from your dog's attack. A positive peculiarity of these muzzles is that they won't do any harm to your dog even while hitting the snout. A soft material of this muzzle makes it useful for a cold weather. A very comfortable system of fastenings allows to put it on or off without any difficulties, keeping it fit tightly your four-legged friend.
Metal muzzles are better to use for 'serious' breeds. We offer metal muzzles with leather straps insertion or soft thick felt padding that protects skin of your dog from rubbing. Such muzzles are made of high quality steel wire, that's why they can serve for a long time preventing your pet to do stupid things. Also you can buy metal muzzles with heat insulation material. Such models are intended for walking your dog when the weather is extremely cold. But we don't insist to use this kind of item during hot season.
Be sure, if you buy muzzles in our store you'll get necessary accessories of high quality that will do no harm to your pet.
Choosing a muzzle for your pet you have to take into consideration that your pet will wear it for a long period of time. That's why it's so difficult to find an ideal one, even when there are a great variety of muzzle's types and shapes in different shops.
In most cases the construction of muzzles has the shape of a cone. It's absolutely uncomfortable, because a muzzle must "lie" on the dog's snout without constriction and discomfort.
Look for muzzles in shape of cylinder. Such form allows your dog to open his jaw and to stick out a tongue.
Dog muzzles can be made of different materials. The most popular are leather, metal, nylon and plastic. And what about the form? It can be basket, solid and in the shape of a loop.
Leather cage-like muzzles mostly suitable for unaggressive breeds. Wearing this muzzle made of strong leather straps your dog can breathe easily and even with sticked out tongue. Also leather products have rather light weight. Only plastic muzzles are lighter then leather ones, but they can crack from impact or in the cold. Plastic muzzle is better to be used if your dog takes part in race competition, where each gram of the weight can influence the result.
Choosing a leather muzzle, decide what it will be for sure. The materials for leather muzzles divided into genuine and imitation leather. Muzzles from leatherette cost less, but they will be in use not for so long time as the one from genuine leather, which is more durable and, of course, more expensive. It's better also to pay attention to rivets that connect the straps. It is necessary to make sure that these rivets are made of good quality metal and have no burrs. Also check its fastening system.
If your dog is already habituated to be muzzled, to use only one strap muzzle will be enough for him. Otherwise give preference to the muzzle with a strap on forehead. If your dog is aggressive or you perform agitation training, in this case the best variant for your pet is a wire cage muzzle. It's recommended to apply this product only when the temperature outside is above zero, because in the cold dog's tongue or skin can freeze to metal. To prevent such situation you'd better to buy a metal muzzle with metal insulation. But such item has rather heavy weight, so use it at extremely need.
The front metal grille of a cage muzzle (sometimes double grille) has rather a decorative function. This grille doesn't allow your dog to pick up garbage outside. If you have decided to buy a metal muzzle with front grille, check the bars, they must be vertical. Then the possibility to break the teeth will be less probable. Besides you have to remember that metal muzzles for dogs have one unpleasant feature. In case of a blow, your dog can not only traumatize the object of his aggression, but to cause harm to himself. One more time take into the consideration that metal muzzles should be used for big aggressive dogs.
Solid (closed-shape) muzzles are produced from leather or synthetic materials. It's an intermediate option between metal or leather muzzles in the shape of basket. Even a very angry animal wearing such solid muzzle won't be able to bite somebody. In contradistinction to a metal muzzle, this type can't traumatize your German Shepherds. But when the temperature is extremely high, to wear such type muzzle for a long time becomes unacceptable (a dog 'sweats' through his tongue). The only advantage of solid muzzles in comparison with metal one is thier low weight.
Recently nylon/leather dog muzzles (or from other synthetic material) have appeared in the shape of a loop – known as a 'bear loop'. Muzzles of this type are very often fastened with Velcro. They are useful for calm dogs when traveling by public transport, with observance of current legislation. Also you can apply it for visiting a veterinarian or friends.
Choosing a muzzle remember that you buy it for your companion, not for yourself; first of all, this accessory must be convenient, not beautiful.

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