Exclusive Wide 2 Ply Leather Choke Dog Collar

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  • Model: C45##1019 Braided Leather Choke Collar


Exclusive Fashionable 2 Ply Leather Choke Collar For German Shepherd Dog

You still hesitate which collar to choose for your dog? German Shepherd requires strong and good quality equipment. Due to its large dimensions, high strength and intelligence this dog can easily slip out of the collar or take it off with its paws. However, it will never happen if you take accurate measurements and choose only the best quality collars.

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Amazing German Shepherd Dog Collar

German Shepherd Dog Collar For Better Control

That's why we are eager to present you this Exclusive Wide 2 Ply Leather Choke Dog Collar. Purchase it - and you won't be disappointed with this collar!

  • German Shepherd Dog Collar For Walking And TrainingBrilliant German Shepherd Dog Collar
  • Astonishing German Shepherd Dog CollarSoft Leather German Shepherd Dog Collar


Key features of this German Shepherd Dog Collar:

  • 4 best 2 ply handcrafted leather
  • brass fittings
  • riveted braided ornament
  • super quality strong material

Intended use of this German Shepherd Dog Collar:

  • walking in style
  • training

Sizes available:

  • 1 inch (25 mm) wide

Available colors:

  • black
  • brown

How to measure your German Shepherd Dog for good fit Collar:

Please be advised that:

  • For choke collars please specify neck and head circumference of your dog in the widest part.
  • We will make best fit collar for your dog based on the sizes you will provide.
  • If your dog is a puppy please note that as your dog grows you will have to purchase bigger size choke collar.

This collar is made of the best handcrafted leather in the world. 2 ply leather makes it a wonderful tool for training large and medium breeds. It will not probably break or tear. Moreover, genuine leather always serves long. It is very soft and gentle to your dog's skin and fur. You don't need to worry that your dog's hair will be damaged or your dog will accidentally catch allergy. Besides, braided ornament attached with rivets will make your dog much prettier.

Variants of using the choke chain:

  • attach the leash to the live O-ring (the one that is pulled through another O-ring); thus the collar will work with choking effect by means of tightening and releasing - perfect way for training;
  • attach the leash to the dead O-ring (the one that works as a loop); thus the collar will not choke and it can be used for daily walkings.
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