Why muzzles are good for your German Shepherd?

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November 12, 2013

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Many people think that if a dog is well-trained he doesn't have to wear a muzzle. But in the opinion of most professionals muzzles are really great tools when used properly. First of all it ensures all people around of safety and helps you to avoid a lot of problems and stresses, caused by your dog's biting someone. 

But as many articles say, preventing biting is only one reason a dog might need to wear it. They also mention thta it can help your dog to stop scavenging. Using a muzzle prevents the risk of picking up some rubbish from the ground, causing some problems with health. So, the muzzle could be a life-saving tool.
Besides,  muzzle considered to be a tool, that helps to prevent your dog to get injured himself. Or if your dog have already some injuries muzzles can allow him to be treated, cause obviously when dog is injured he is in pain, so he can bite the one who tries to help him.
And finally, some countries require having muzzles on large dogs, as your German Shepherd, regardless of whether they shown aggression.
To associate your Shepherd to wear a muzzle most breeders and trainers recommend to make it in a way of funny game or to reward him with tasty food. Doing it you will make the process  more agreeable for your doggy.


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