White German Shepherd

White Shepherds can be sensitive almost to the point of timidity. They are usually quite obedient and harsh training methods should not be necessary, nor should they be used with this breed. In this regard, they are very different from many lines of GSD, especially the imports. It is very important that the young dog is socialized well and has lots of positive encounters with many different animals, people, things and situations to help it grow up to be a well-balanced animal. This breed needs his people and should not be left isolated for long periods of time.

All German Shepherd Dogs require ongoing mental and physical stimulation, as well as HUMAN COMPANIONSHIP, SOCIALIZATION AND TRAINING.

This is not a breed to be left out in the yard, away from its family, isolated or deprived of touch or attention. GSDs are not couch potatoes and they will insist on interacting with their person or family. They will not thrive as a kennel or backyard dog. If left outside, even for just while you are away at work, any number of behavioral issues will result. They range from, but are not limited to, digging, barking, separation anxiety, fear aggression, jumping and bolting, destructive behavior and an overly defensive/protective posture with both people and other pets.

These dogs need to be exposed to the outside world, strangers, strange dogs, the movement and noises associated with being away from home, as well as, at the very least, basic obedience training. Regular exercise and activity is a must. German Shepherds are all about interacting with their people and being with their person. While degree varies, this is a working breed.

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