Two ply leather agitation dog collar

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  • Model: C33NH1019 2 ply leather agitation collar (no handle)


Two Ply Leather Agitation Dog Collar For German Shepherd

Please take a look at this nice dog collar. Do not you find it to be a very attractive and fascinating dog equipment? Is not it just a collar you have been looking for? This small and simple thing is able to be of use for you to solve a lot of the problems connected with your German Shepherd! Undoubtedly you want to have a well-behaved dog and only this collar will do much good for you both-your German Shepherd and you in particular. Be brave to make a decision as for buying this beautiful dog accessory and your objectives will be achieved! You are lucky to have found this attractive offer of ours!

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German Shepherd Collar Leather Extra Durable

German Shepherd Collar For Comfortable Walking

Leather collar is an excellent element for everyday wearing and controlling of a dog as it is soft and at the same time incredibly strong that provides solicitous attitude to the neck of the animal.Dog collar is a necessary “component” of any dog. This soft leather collar may be used not only for airing of a German Shepherd but also can be a simplest decoration of your inimitable pet. You may attach a tube, medal with your home address or other important details to the collar in order to identify the dog in the event of its disappearance.

Agitation Leather Dog Collar

Key features of this German Shepherd Dog Collar:

  • 100% full grain genuine leather
  • Handmade
  • Sturdy D-ring for leash attachment
  • Easy-adjustable buckle

Intended use of this German Shepherd Dog Collar:

  • everyday walking
  • obedience/off leash training

Sizes available:

  • over 17 sizes
  • width - 45 mm (1 3/4 inch)

Available colors:

  • black
  • brown

Please, make sure you read how to measure section to get the best fit collar and to avoid exchanges and other inconveniences.

How to measure your German Shepherd for good fit Collar:

how to measure collar

Please be advised that:

  • Always measure your dog neck circumference with the flexible measuring tape.
  • Specify neck size of your dog and we will make this size fit on central hole.
  • There will be total of 5 holes and distance between each 2 holes is 1 inch (25 mm).
  • For example: your dogs neck size is 20 inches (50 cm). Collar will fit on central hole at 20 inches (50 cm).
  • There will be 2 smaller size holes - 18 inch (45 cm) and 19 inch (47.5 cm).
  • There will be 2 bigger size holes - 21 inch (52.5 cm) and 22 inch (55 cm).
  • There will also be tip of the collar after last hole about 4 inch long (10 cm).
  • Those are handcrafted collars and some sizes will differ a little (not in significant way).
  • When you measure already received collar on the dog you have to measure the inner part of the collar with the flexible measuring tape.
  • 2 ply leather collars if measured laying flat on the table are 2 inch bigger than if measured on the dog.

This exclusive two-ply collar is designed so as to fit a very strong and powerful dog and German Shepherd just falls into this category of dogs. You should not worry about the strength of this model as highly experienced workers together with professional dog trainers and handlers worked on invention of this collar. Also qualified veterinarians participated in making of this collar for the purpose of necessary care for dog health.

Walking of a dog in town is impossible without its wearing a collar. This leather collar of certainty can guarantee safety of your German Shepherd in town. A half ring for leash attachment was fixed with metallic rivets for add-on security. This utility model will surely hit your four-footed friend’s fancy! The arrangement of the ring is excellent as it was built in at a considerable distance of the buckle. With such an arrangement of the ring the collar being under load from the buckle will always displace with the ring up and this is very convenient by the way.

You should adjust the collar so that your German Shepherd may not slip out of it while moving back. If necessary you may break through (not pierce) more holes in the collar. Since the leather of this collar is extra thick you may not be in anxiety about the reliability of this dog equipment.

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Brass D-Ring On Dog Collar Leather Corrosion Resistant

Brass D-Ring On Dog Collar For Attaching A Leash

Customer Reviews:

Date Added: 03/18/2013
I bought this collar for my 6 month old male german shepard. This is a high quality heavy duty collar that I'm sure will last the life of him. It looks good on him and he is kinda partial to it ( it don't like having it off ). The only draw back I can see would be there is no place to attach dog tags. I bought a small clevis and attached it to the belt loop part of the collar so it is not that big of a deal.

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