Protection German Shepherd Bite X-Sleeve

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  • Model: PS2001019 X-sleeve revolution


Protection Dog Bite X-Sleeve for German Shepherd Schutzhund Training

Do you plan to start professional training with your German Shepherd dog?
Have you already bought the proper dog item for effective dog training?
Dog Bite training is rather dangerous kind of activity. It requires good skills, knowledge and, of course, excellent quality equipment.

In order to protect you during your dog's bite training use this Super Strong Dog Bite Sleeve that is made of strong natural fibers, safe and harmless for the dog's health. A special hand stitching provides the sleeve with additional durability. Besides, this bite sleeve has revolutionary shape comfortable for trainer, that is called X-sleeve. Wearing this sleeve you can move your hand right or left, behind your back or turn it as you like. Hurry up to get this excellent dog supply for training activities with your German Shepherd!

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Protection German Shepherd Bite Sleeve with Revolution X Shape

Protection German Shepherd Bite X-Sleeve

Key features of this German Shepherd bite sleeve:

  • durable interior and exterior materials
  • plastic extra protection shoulder shield
  • leather belt for sleeve cover secure attachment
  • perfect bite area angle
  • 3 ways adjustable bite area - puppy, young, adult dog
  • 6 ways adjustable handle

Intended use of this German Shepherd bite sleeve:

  • police training
  • guard dog training
  • agitation training

The main advantages of this Bite Sleeve:

This dog bite sleeve is used for different kinds of training such as police, military and agitation or protection training. The sleeve helps the dog to improve biting skills and to build stronger bite grip.

Due to a special regulation bar you can adjust the bite surface according to your purposes. With this bite sleeve it is possible to train adult and young dogs.

Due to a special shoulder protection shield, your arm will be in safety during training sessions.

Please, pay attention that this model of bite sleeve is used with a cover ONLY! Otherwise, we do not bear any responsibility for the condition of the sleeve that is used without a cover!

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